Randy Jalil of Port St. Lucie brought his "pride and joy" BMW E30 M3 indoors durinReuters

While many were battening down the hatches when Hurricane Matthew made landfall in Florida last week, one Port St. Lucie man was actually opening up his home for his “pride and joy,” a BMW E30 M3.

In order to protect two older BMWs in his garage, Randy Jalil measured his double front doors as the storm was approaching and discovered there was a wide enough opening to drive the E30 M3 through, ensuring that he and the vehicle he uses as his daily driver could ride the storm out in comfort.

“I’ve owned my E30 for about eight years now, and the last few years there was a spike in value with these cars. I wasn’t risking anything!” Jalil told automotive blog Jalopnik. “I purchased the right home to be able to drive my car right in. Fortunately I don’t have a wife to tell me otherwise so the morning of prior to the storm I stuffed it right into my house.”

While some may think the addition of a car might add unwanted clutter to a home, Jalil seemed to welcome his temporary roommate with open arms. He shared photos on Instagram of himself laying on his couch next to the car, working on his laptop alongside it and even showed the two having breakfast together (he had pumpkin spice Cheerios, the BMW had motor oil).


The photos received thousands of likes, and an Instagram video of the car being backed out of the home after the storm was viewed more than 132,000 times.

#hurricanematthew #duringthestorm

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Just got her out the house. #hurricanematthew #doubledoors

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