Advocates take part in a 420 event in Israel.
Advocates take part in a 420 event in Israel. (Getty)

By now you’ve surely heard and seen many memes, posts and wishes about today being the officially unofficial weed holiday of 4/20.

While the beginnings of this high holiday are a bit, ahem, smoky, there are no shortages of 4/20 events taking place across the country — both legally and illegally, we’re sure — but especially in states like Colorado, where recreational marijuana is legal.

Interestingly, 4/20 events around the state of Colorado have seen a dip since the statewide legalization of marijuana in 2012, NBC Boston reported.

But even still, in Denver alone, there are shuttles to take celebrators around town to dispensaries, a free bazaar with vendors, art installations, entertainment, food trucks (because munchies, of course), grow tours and more.


Thousands are expected to flock to Hippie Hill in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park for its annual pot party, which was given a city permit and will be for the first time overseen by local cannabis businesses and merchants from Haight Street, the San Francisco Chronicle reported.

So is this the type of 4/20 that Massachusetts, which passed recreational marijuana in the November election, can one day expect?

While recreational marijuana can be consumed, possessed and cultivated in their homes by adults 21 and over in the Bay State, events like shuttle tours to dispensaries or other pot-friendly places might be a long time coming.

Though medical marijuana dispensaries are currently in operation, retail sales in Massachusetts won’t become legal until at least July 2018. That date was pushed back from the original retail sales date of January 2018 after the election.

But until then, any adult pot aficionados looking to celebrate the high holiday of 4/20 can at least do so at home — and even give the gift of ganja, up to 1 ounce, to another adult. 

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