People run in the spray of the fountain at the Christian Science Center in Boston. Photo: Getty Images

After a string of mild weather days, it’s finally heating up in Boston.

If you enjoyed the high temps on Sunday, there’s more where that came from, according to the National Weather Service. In fact, Boston may be in the midst of a heat wave.

Boston hit a high of 92 degrees Sunday, the weather service noted, and could reach a projected high of 93 on Monday.

Though that sounds sweltering, it may not be a record high for the region. According to the National Weather Service, Boston reached 96 degrees on this day on 1973, a temperature that hasn’t been topped since.

Providence and Worcester may hit record-breaking highs on Monday, though. The record for Worcester is 90 degrees, also from 1973, and the city is expected to hit 92 today. Providence's record high, again from 1973, is 94; the Rhode Island city may reach 93 today.

Neither Worcester nor Providence saw temps above 90 degrees on Sunday, meaning those areas aren’t part of the possible heat wave.

A heat wave, the weather service notes, means that temperatures must meet or exceed 90 degrees for three consecutive days.

As of 11 a.m. on Monday, Boston checked in at 88 degrees. Along with high temps, it’s expected to be humid in Boston today, meaning the warm weather will feel even muggier. This isn’t the end of the high temps either, the service said, but there will be some relief.

“Temperatures will drop a little at night, with most places having early Tuesday morning readings between 65 and 75,” forecasters said. “Tuesday promises to be another hot day, but with scattered afternoon and evening thunderstorms.”

After those evening storms, the week looks a little bit cooler. Forecasts predict a high of 73 on Wednesday, 71 on Thursday and 70 on Friday.

Though last week saw chilly temperatures — last Tuesday had a high of only 52 degrees with lots of rain, the weather service reminded residents — these aren’t the first warm days of the year. Boston reached a record-breaking high for May 18 when it hit 92 degrees. 

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