The Providence man accused of kidnapping, murdering, and stuffing a young Dorchester mother's body in the trunk of a car was arraigned in federal court in Boston on Monday. 

Louis D. Coleman III, 32, was apprehended on I-95 in Delaware just hours after authorities identified him as the suspect connected to Correia’s disappearance four days earlier, when she disapeared from a downtown Boston bar on the night of her birthday celebration. 

Coleman reportedly told Delaware police that the missing Massachusetts mother of a 2-year-old daughter was “in the trunk.”

Police reportedly found her body wrapped up with a sofa cushion, stuffed inside of a suitcase in the trunk of Coleman’s car. Correia, 23, reportedly died from blunt-force-trauma and strangulation. Authorities said Coreia’s body was also bound with duct tape and covered with baking soda. 


U.S. Attorney Andrew Lelling said that officials do not believe that Coleman and Correia knew each other prior, and that she did not appear to have been sexually assaulted. 

Correia was laid to rest at the Saint Peter Parish in Dorchester on March 11.

In his first appearance in a Massachusetts court, Coleman waived his right to a preliminary hearing and will remain in federal custody after being charged with one count of federal kidnapping charges, which addresses transporting a victim over state lines.

According to the Boston Herald, Coleman “is requesting court-appointed counsel” in Massachusetts, per a signed order issued by U.S. District Court of Delaware Judge Sherry Fallon before Coleman was handed over to U.S. Marshals and brought him back to Massachusetts.

Coleman also faces kidnapping, refusal to report a death with intent to conceal a crime, and mutilation of a dead human body charges from the Rhode Island Attorney General’s Office.

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