New Yorkers likely only see the city’s tens of thousands of cab drivers from behind the partition, but they are about to get an eyeful now that the 2018 NYC Taxi Drivers Calendar has arrived.


While the fifth annual cabbie calendar is a tongue-in-cheek hoot, it’s all for a good cause. A portion of the $14.99 calendar benefits the University Settlement, which has been providing education and social services to immigrant and low-income families since 1886. To date, sales from the NYC Taxi Drivers Calendar have raised more than $60,000 for the nonprofit.


“The main reason we do the project is to highlight the hard-working men and women that are under-appreciated and often unseen,” Philip Kirkman, the calendar’s creative director, told Metro. “And considering the current state of affairs, portraying these individuals in a positive, upbeat spirit feels especially pressing. We love seeing people all over the country and world celebrating diversity and having a good laugh along the way.”


Since its inception five years ago, the Taxi Drivers Calendar has been purchased by people in all 50 states and more than 30 countries around the world, Kirkman said. 


The calendar, which was shot all around the city by Kirkman’s wife, Shannon, features 12 cabbies who hail from seven different countries.


There’s strongwoman Nipa, the third female and first Bangladeshi woman to be featured; Alex, who not only owns December but also makes the cover extra sweet; Louie, who makes filling up look good; Nazmul, who has a secret just for you; Iqbal, who takes the air out of our lungs; Salik, who plucks at our heartstrings; Luis, who gets his hands dirty at BKLYN Clay; Dan, who is too sexy for his classic cab from FilmCars; Tommy, who makes the street as hot as his flat iron; Malek, who cleans up real nice; Hassan, who we hope shares his cake; and Terry, who we bet you can’t resist giving an extra tip to.

To purchase the 2018 NYC Taxi Drivers Calendar, visit or follow @nyctaxicalendar on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.