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Today’s the day, folks, and you know what that means: eagerly waiting for your tax refund, some perfectly timed deals on food and drinks and the longest lines at the post office. In the past, the post office hours on tax day have been extended to accommodate those long lines of people getting their tax returns postmarked by the deadline — but is the post office doing that this year? Is your local post office open late for Tax Day?

After all, over 90% of taxpayers choose to file their returns online, as Time Money reports. (And psst, you might be eligible to file taxes for free if you do it online.) That means it might not even be worth the manpower it takes to extend post office hours on Tax Day like in years past.

Post office open late for Tax Day?

With the number of Americans needing the post office to postmark tax returns dropping, finding a post office open late for tax day is a bit of a puzzle. It’s not consistent; it varies from city to city, location to location. Your chances of having extended post office hours on Tax Day are higher if you live in a densely populated area, such as Los Angeles, which reported four locations at which the post office would be open late for Tax Day. Two are even staying open until midnight to deal with the long lines.

But is the post office open late for Tax Day in your city?

Last year, select locations in every state extended post office hours on Tax Day. If you live in a smaller city, plan to hit the post office during their regular operating hours unless you feel like driving to a nearby bigger hub to hit one with longer hours. That included 3 Boston area locations, two Philly locations and 7 New York City locations of the post office.


post office open late for tax day

With the dwindling number of people filing paper tax returns, some of these locations may have modified their hours from last year. Is your local post office open late for Tax Day? Check the tab for your state through Go Banking Rates to see all the locations with confirmed extended hours as of 2017. We highly suggest calling the location you plan on visit before heading out or leaving your errand to the last minute. But remember: your tax refund in on the other side of all this madness.

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