South Korea came in last for number of hours spent in the kitchen, while India cloGfk

A new survey shows that Indians spend the most time in the kitchen, according to Rfk. Indians, on average, clock in 13.2 hours of cooking a week.

Who cooks the least? South Koreans, who spend a measly 3.7 hours a week in the kitchen.

Rfk reports that Americans are about average when it comes to time spent cooking - they come in at about 5.9 hours, which is close to the global average of 6.4 hours.

Surprisingly, though Americans are not exactly known for their culinary prowess, U.S. respondents ranked high in their passion and knowledge of cooking.


Thirty-seven percent of Americans say they have a passion for cooking, and 35 percent say they have knowledge about food and cooking - in comparison, 24 percent of French people say they have a passion for cooking, and 20 percent say they have a knowledge of cooking.

If you doubt that more Americans are passionate about cooking than French people, it's important to take note that these answers are self-reported.

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