James Weeks, left, dances onstage at the Libertarian National Convention Sunday in OrYouTube

Libertarian Party chairman candidate James Weeks exercised his right to bare all Sunday at the party's national convention in Orlando, Florida.

Weeks, who after the performance dropped out of the race, was on stage to deliver a two-minute speech to pitch his case. Instead, he used those two minutes to strip down to a thong.

"After all the fun we've had today, I figured we could use a little bit of fun," Weeks says before turning on music and encouraging the audience to clap along with him.

But once he removes his suit jacket and stripped down to a black thong and socks, many members of the audience swap their cheers for jeers. Others ran on stage to slip money into Weeks' underwear.

Weeks then apologizes for the display, saying it was "a dare" said he was suspending his campaign for party chairman.
Party members weren't pleased with Weeks' display:

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This, surprisingly, wasn't the only unusual display at the party's convention. A second ballot had to be taken in the contested convention before the party nominated former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson and former Massachusetts Gov. William Held as its presidential ticket.