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This happened: Karachi gunmen killed 43, a U.S. chopper was missing, North Korea executed its army chief, Vienna introduced gay traffic lights, Cannes Festival had selfie fears

British actress and member of the Feature Film jury Sienna Miller arrives at the GANNE-CHRISTINE POUJOULAT/AFP/Getty Images

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As the Nepal and U.S. army searched for missing Marines, North Korea executed its military chief and Pakistani gunmen killed 43.


Vienna gave gay rights a literal green light, as the director of the Cannes Film Festival gave a thumbs down to red carpet selfies.


43 died in a Pakistan gun attack


Gunmen on motorbikes opened fire on a bus taking Shi'ite Muslims to work in the city of Karachi, killing 43 passengers. It's the latest in a string of attacks on religious minorities in the country.

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U.S. Marines were sought

U.S. and Nepal armies are looking for a missing Marine chopper carrying eight as it was helping out in a region so devastated by the two earthquakes that it has been renamed the 'graveyard.'

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North Korea's defense boss was dead

The regime executed its defense minister at short range with an anti-aircraft gun, which is normally shot from up to 8,000m. The chief met this grisly end after being caught napping during military events and for challenging Kim Jung Un.

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Vienna made roads safer with gay green lights

The Austrian capital has introduced a set of lights showing gay couples instead of the standard guy or girl. Apparently the arresting lights are designed to attract road-users' attention and keep roads safer. It's also the run-up to kitsch event of the year, the Eurovision Song Contest.

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Cannes would like to can selfies

The director of the annual film festival called the narcissistic snaps "ridiculous" and "grotesque". He'd like to see the back of them, especially as they risk causing a pile-up on the red carpet as stars stop to update their instagram accounts with fresh photos.

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