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NJ Transit changes rules for trains arriving to Hoboken station

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New Jersey Transit imposed a new rule Wednesday requiring a second crew member to stand watch as the engineer pulls into the Hoboken Terminal in the wake of a fatal train crash there last week.

The conductor must also join the engineer whenever pulling a train into the Atlantic City station as per the immediate mandate, NJ Transit spokeswoman Jennifer Nelson told the The Associated Press.

As of Thursday, service into the terminal was still suspended, the transit authority said. Since the crash last week that killed one woman and injured more than 100, no trains have run to or from the Hoboken Terminal, and NJ Transit has not said when it will reopen.

Officials are still not sure what caused the Sept. 29 morning rushhourcrash. On Wednesday, investigators from the National Transportation Safety Boardsaid they were collecting information from data and video recorders recovered from the train’s wreckage, which could help determine what led to the derailment.

The train’s engineer, Thomas Gallagher, told NTSB investigators that the train was traveling at a normal speed, but he has no recollection of the crash. He said he was well-rested when his shift started that day.

Passengers on the train and witnesses in the station have said that the train did not appear to slow down as it arrived.

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