NYC ban on CBD food and drinks starts today – Metro US

NYC ban on CBD food and drinks starts today

NYC ban on CBD food and drinks starts today

New York City’s ban on cannabis-deprived CBD food and drink items went into effect on Monday. 

CBD, which is also known as cannabidiol, has gained a ton of popularity in the past few years. It has been added to food, drinks, medicine, and even beauty products. 

As of Monday, NYC officials said, “The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) states that it is unlawful to add cannabidiol (CBD) to any food or drink. As a result, the New York City Health Code also prohibits any food service establishment, or other businesses, from offering food or drink that contains CBD.” 

They added that “if business operators have not voluntarily come into compliance, the Health Department will embargo food and drink products that contain CBD, and the products will have to be returned to the supplier or discarded.” 

It is being reported that health inspectors will be looking for CBD food and beverages as part of their safety inspections, the New York Daily News reported. Although the ban is in effect now, violations will begin being issued Oct.1. 

However, inspectors will take the banned items and prohibit them from sales. The New York Post reported that the agency can fine businesses anywhere from $200-$650 if they are not compliance. 

Business owners and executives alike are upset about the ban. George Tenedios, founder and chief executive of Fresh & Co recently told The New York Post that “we don’t agree with the ban.” But added,“I want to be in compliance with the DOH.” This seems to be the mentally of many business owners. 

Earlier this year, Fat Cat Kitchen bakery, which was well-known for selling CBD-infused pastries, got their products “embargoed.” The owner, C.J. Holm, spoke with Eater.com and expressed her frustration saying, “The whole thing is not fair,” and added “What’s the law? You just closed down half my business.” Outlets reported that 30 percent of Fat Cat’s overall business was due to CBD-infused products.   

Although the spotlight is currently on New York City, other cities such as Portland, Seattle, San Diego, and Los Angeles have successfully implemented similar bans, except in those states cannabis has been legalized.