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OMG: Huge Nicolas Cage bouncy castle set to tour the world

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If you thought poking fun at zany actor Nicolas Cage was just the preserve of the Internet, think again: now the world’s most famous living meme has gone offline to feature on a ginormous bouncy castle.

The ludicrous ‘Nicolas Cage in a Cage’ attraction will allow visitors to jump around, hug or punch a giant effigy of the thespian. “Throughout internet history, we’ve seen Nicolas Cage lose his shit and be everyone, but we’ve never seen Nicolas Cage in a cage,” says Barcelona-based art collective Hungry Castle, who are debuting their inflatable installation at Splendour musical festival in Australia this month before a world tour. “

Nicolas, if you’re reading this. We’d love to get you inside your own Nicolas Cage in a cage,” said Killian Cooper, art director of Hungry Castle, whose previous work was a giant inflatable head of singer Lionel Richie.

What’s behind ‘Nicolas Cage in a Cage’?
We were inspired by the internet’s obsession with Nicolas Cage. He’s not just an actor, he’s a banana, he’s a vampire, he’s a hamster, he’s everyone. He’s also a polarising figure: there are people who love him, there are others who hate him. We want to give people a platform to inspire their own reaction.
So, does this bouncy castle mock or praise him?
That’s up to you to decide.
Nicolas Cage already was in a cage, in some of his movies…
Yes, they stuck him in a jail in “Con Air”. He’s been in a bee cage in “The Wicker Man”. And then there was him on Alcatraz in “The Rock”. But that’s all Hollywood, la-la land. This will be his first ever appearance in a bouncy castle cage.
And if Cage himself sees this bouncy castle…
Nicolas, if you’re reading this: We’d love to get you inside your own Nicolas Cage in a cage. We think you would enjoy the surreal experience. It could be dangerous though; the entire fabric of the internet is at risk of spontaneous ‘cage-bustion’.
What kind of reaction are you hoping from the public?
There will be cage lovers. There will be cage haters. But whatever happens, you won’t break him. We hope that it brings a few smiles to people’s faces and perhaps a story to tell their grandchildren.
You want people to upload photos of themselves and face-swap them with Cage, as a tribute to his 1997 movie “Face/Off”. Tell us more about that.
Following the age-old internet tradition of putting Nicolas Cage’s face on everyone, we are giving the people the unique opportunity to have Nicolas Cage on your face. Send your face to nicolas@hungrycastle.com – go on!
‘Nicolas Cage in a Cage’ will first hit Australia – then where?
First stop Australia, then through Asia working our way up through Europe and finally ending up Hollywood.

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