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OMG: Man eats Chipotle everyday for 101 days

OMG: Man eats Chipotle everyday for 101 days

A man claims to have eaten Chipotle everyday for 101 days in a row and is clearly living his best life.

The man, named Mark Rantal, recently did an AMA on Reddit to answer any or all questions regarding his diet. Questions ranged from what he ordered, if he lost of gained weight and if he was sick of it yet.

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Here are some of the highlights from his AMA:

First of all — why?

“It was a simple way for me to keep getting calories (I don’t really like eating). Coming up with new dishes every day was more exhausting. I sacrificed variety for consistency in this area of my life, and so far it’s been working out for me.”

Is that all he eats?

“I have a protein shake in the morning, and about 20 percent of the time I’ll eat a second meal, and maybe another 20 percent of the time have a snack at home.”

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Has he gained weight? Lost Weight?

“Over the 101 days I gained 14 lbs. All of which I wanted. I had lost the weight after cutting meat out of my diet and was lighter than I had been since middle school. Freaked me out and I realized I had to start eating more.”

What does he order?

“Burrito bowl, white rice, pinto beans, sofritas and fajitas. Pico de gallo, corn, medium salsa, cheese and lettuce… every time. Mmmm.”

How much has he spent?

“A friend at my ‘Day 100 party’ asked this, so we did the math. I’ve spent about $700 over the 100 days”

Does he ever get sick of it?

“There were a few days where I really just looked at thinking, ‘Really? Again?! Ugh.’ But I’d say it was only about 5 times during the 101. I’m still going to keep the streak going for now (It’s delightfully habitual, and I’ve built awesome friendships with the people who make my food).”

And most importantly — just how messed up are his bowel movements?

“My bowel movements are really consistent now. After a week there was no burn at all. Smooth and firm for months now if you must know.”

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