OMG: ‘Steak and BJ Day’ is coming Saturday, March 14 – Metro US

OMG: ‘Steak and BJ Day’ is coming Saturday, March 14

If you needed any further confirmation that romance is dead, then look no further than Steak & Blowjob Day. The March 14 ‘celebration’, created by ‘Tom B.’ from London, which apparently does its bit for breast cancer awareness, is a partner’s way of saying thank you to their man for Valentine’s Day one month on. While seemingly aimed at heterosexual couples, the event can be enjoyed by anyone with a liking for a ‘blue’ (steak) evening and oral sex. The 26-year-old creator, who we can only assume has a penchant for meat, comes clean on why he came up with the day.

Why was Steak & BJ Day created?

Originally it was created as a tongue-in-cheek response to the suggestion that men work harder on Valentine’s Day than women – and therefore men needed their own day to reciprocate the endeavor. Now, that’s certainly debatable, but what is irrefutable is the fact that Steak and BJ Day quickly gained momentum from both sexes as a quirky celebration.

So, it’s not just for men?

No. Well, that’s a tricky question… Is it only for heterosexual people? No. We get tons of people from the gay community reaching out and saying they celebrate with their partner every year, which is awesome (and must sell a few chateaubriands)! Beyond that, there are a lot of women who reach out and simply enjoy treating their partner. Equally, now that we’re helping drive donations for breast cancer awareness the general populous gets a kickback too.

Is this a way to mock the excess of Valentine’s Day?

For us, Valentine’s Day has become so commercial and capitalist that it’s now simply a facade to sell more things painted red – cards, flowers, gifts, hotels and restaurants. They all go up in price around early February and all the suppliers pocket large profits. It was originally about spending time with a loved one – no gimmicks or guff. Therefore, we feel that Steak and BJ Day is an “indie” equivalent, whereby the theme harps back to the roots of February 14th but with the simple, inexpensive, focus of spending an evening with your partner.

Website: officialsteakandblowjobday.com