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Oscar Isaac forsakes the Internet for his…fiancee? Maybe?

Oscar Isaac and Maria Miranda
Getty Images

Sad news for those hoping to chat up “Star Wars” space pilot Oscar Isaac the next time you’re both at the same cantina: He’s been off the market for a long time.

Last night at the Golden Globes, Isaac celebrated his win for Best Actor in HBO’s miniseries “Show Me a Hero” by sharing a screen-worthy kiss with a woman at his table.

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She turns out to be Maria Miranda, who is something between his girlfriend and wife, depending on which speculative gossip story you believe. Isaac himself is almost entirely silent on the subject of his personal life, though someone blabbed to the Daily News back in December 2007 that he’d proposed to Miranda.

The Internet’s new boyfriend seemed to remember his adoring public backstage, when he offered his phone number to anyone who wants to discuss “Star Wars.” It’s not exactly pillow talk, but we’ll take it.

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