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Paris Hilton’s brother doesn’t like flying with ‘peasants’

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Well, this is completely charming. Conrad Hilton, younger brother of Paris and namesake of his hotel magnate grandfather, appeared in court this week to face charges he assaulted and intimidated several flight attendants on a trip from London to L.A. last summer. According to an FBI affidavit, Hilton punched a bulkhead, nearly hitting a flight attendant, appeared delusional and erratic and had to be restrained for landing. He also dropped the F-bomb some 25 times, and here are probably the best two of those times: “If you want to square up to me, bro, then bring it and I will f—ing fight you” and — my favorite — “I will f—ing own anyone on this flight. They are f—ing peasants.” Ah, the noble class.

Hilton also threatened to get the entire crew fired because “I know your boss!” And worst of all, he delayed drink service on the flight by 40 minutes. That is just not cool, bro. Hilton was released on a $100,000 bond and will be back for arraignment next month. His charges could land him in prison for as much as 20 years.

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