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Patriots vs. Eagles: 7 celebrity Super Bowl predictions

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The rivalry between the Patriots and the Eagles is heating up ahead of this weekend’s big game, and some of the biggest celebrities in the country are getting in on the fun with their Super Bowl predictions. From DJs and comedians to actors and rock legends, find out which teams these seven stars will be rooting for on Sunday.

Steve Aoki

“Brady is my guy. Gronk’s my guy,” the DJ told Metro ahead of his show at the Worcester Palladium in February. “You know who I’m rooting for. That team is unstoppable.”

Gabriel Iglesias

“First of all, go Pats!” the comic told Metro prior to his upcoming performances in Medford. “I think it’ll be pretty close. Brady’s still a killer, but I don’t think he’s going to continue to be that high scoring, big separation. I think he’s just going to keep it interesting.”

Mila Kunis

“Look, my team didn’t do so well this year. In case you’re wondering, it’s the Chicago Bears,” Kunis told reporters following her Hasty Pudding Woman of the Year ceremony. “Tom Brady, arguably the greatest quarterback, right? So, congratulations.”

“One of my best friends is from Philadelphia, so I’m not going to pick a team,” she added. “But, it’d be nice to see the Eagles go all the way. Again, Tom Brady, congratulations you’re awesome and you played with a lot of stitches. You’re great. We know you’re great. You’ve showed us for three years. You’re pretty damn great.”

Joe Perry

“The Patriots are showing the world what they got, and I’m proud of that,” Perry told Metro during his recent trip to Boston. “It’s great to see them doing what they’re doing around the world.” 

However, the Aerosmith rocker stopped short of predicting the outcome of this year’s Super Bowl, saying, “Generally, I don’t like to say anything at all about those things because I think it’s fate and I just have a lot of good energy aiming their way. They are certainly an amazing team.”

Will Smith

The actor and Philadelphia native—who’s banned from a Boston park along with Sly Stallone until after the Super Bowlis, of course, rooting for his hometown team. Smith took to his Facebook account to post his prediction, which he did in the form of a poem.

“Dear Philadelphia Eagles,” Smith wrote. “Roses are red, violets are blue, I think it’s time for a Super Bowl title, What about you?”

Sly Stallone

The “Rocky” star has been talking a lot of trash on his Instgram page ahead of this year’s Super Bowl, and even compared the Patriots to the villainous Ivan Drago in one post.

“We know how this one turned out,” Stallone wrote in support of the Eagles. “We know who’s going to win the Super Bowl.”


Hang on EAGLES you can do it !!! #agentnickyc

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Mark Wahlberg

It’s no secret who the Boston actor is rooting for, but after last year’s close game against the Falcons, Wahlberg isn’t writing off the Eagles.

“If the Eagles win, I am telling you, I would be fine,” Walberg recently said on the “Not Just Sports with Suzy Shuster and Rich Eisen” podcast. “If it was anybody else, I would be devastated.”

The Patriots super fan, who played a former Philadelphia player Vince Papale in the 2006 flick “Invincible,” also revealed on “The Dan Patrick Show” that he prayed for the Eagles to make it to the Super Bowl. However, he thinks New England will end up with the win.

“Honestly, I don’t think the game is going to be that close,” Wahlberg said. “I think we kind of finally have the first easy victory, win by a couple touchdowns.”

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