PHOTOS: 32 times Britney Spears defined ‘flawless’ – Metro US

PHOTOS: 32 times Britney Spears defined ‘flawless’

PHOTOS: 32 times Britney Spears defined ‘flawless’
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Before Beyonce went solo, before Lady Gaga raised her monsters and before Katy Perry melted our popsicles, there was one queen to rule us all: Britney, bitch.

Nearly a decade since her last performance at the MTV Video Music Awards, pop icon Britney Spears will make her VMAs comeback Sunday night at Madison Square Garden. Plus, her newest album is set to drop today.

In honor of literally the most perfect person ever, we rounded up Brit’s most iconic looks. Cuenostalgia for thepleathertube tops, peroxide blonde ‘dosand flawlessly choreographed dance moves that defined the early 2000s.

Need a soundtrack to take you back to pop music’s golden era? Check out Queen Jean’s epic megamix circa the 2016 Billboard Music Awards: