Photos: Boston protests against the government shutdown - Metro US

Photos: Boston protests against the government shutdown

Federal workers deemed “essential” missed their first paycheck on Friday, as the partial government shutdown stretches to become the longest in American history.

Secret Service, ICE, DHS, TSA and FBI agents continue to work without pay, as their duties are considered “essential” by law. It’s not guaranteed that their time will be compensated after the shutdown ends, either–it would require a separate bill to be passed after the fact. Air traffic controllers are likewise working without pay.

Workers deemed “nonessential,” which include the majority of employees in departments like NASA, the parks service, the FDA, IRS, Coast Guard and National Science Foundation, have been furloughed, essentially forced to take unpaid vacation time while the shutdown continues.

The Coast Guard issued a tip sheet to its employees, suggesting they try babysitting, garage sales or declaring bankruptcy to make ends meet.

The shutdown came after President Trump vetoed a stopgap funding bill from the Senate, as it did not provide the money for his proposed wall on the border.

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