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Photos from the 2017 Boston Freedom Rally

Thousands flooded Boston Common for a three-day marijuana festival, avoiding a cop crackdown while lighting up.

The Boston Freedom Rally attracts massive crowds annually to the city, where attendees are permitted to buy bongs, smoke cannabis and enjoy live music at two stages. This year marks the 28th celebration.

While public pot use remains illegal in some cases in Massachusetts, the state decriminalized the possession and use of up to one ounce, provided that the smoker is at least 21 years old.

The new law, which was enacted in 2016, presents Boston Police with a unique dilemma. They’ve refused to endorse the Boston Freedom Rally; however, not a single arrest was made on Saturday at the event and minimal police presence was reported.

Although authorities aren’t stifling the fun of cannabis enthusiasts, they say they’re remaining firm in their treatment of law breakers. “It will be a zero-tolerance ­approach to violations, whether it’s smoking, or the sale and distribution of marijuana,” said Lt. Detective Michael McCarthy said to the Boston Herald. “If that is witnessed, or observed, our undercover officers will act on that. We are not taking this lightly. There will be some changes made down there.”

Despite police disapproval of the rally, attendees like Madison Robinson told the Herald they’re just having fun. “We like to smoke weed — we figured, it was a cool event,” Robinson said.

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