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PHOTOS: Is Martin O’Malley a total DILF?

Last night’s Democratic debate debate introduced Martin O’Malley, the former governor of Maryland and a total DILF to America’s loins.

For those of you who were raised by and exclusively hung out with puritans a DILF is a “Dad I’d Like to F–.k” Here are some other famous dilfs:

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Shortly after last night’s debate, social media’s loins were burning as people of all ages, ethnicities and political beliefs proclaimed O’Malley to be what he has always been: certifiable, grade- A DILF.

href=”http://t.co/cJPZ04yhKw“>pic.twitter.com/cJPZ04yhKw— Jacob Gardner (@ThatBoyJacob) October 14, 2015

In addition, not one, but two posts were posted to /r/ladyboners, a subreddit that is a veritable pictorial feast of men that women (and men too) find attractive/beautiful/hot/worth objectifying, both of which laudedO’Malley’s aclompishments as a DILF.

It’s not incredibly hard to see why people would think O’Malley is a DILF, even if you don’t personally find him worthy.

O’Malley (who is 52 years old and stands tall at 6’1″) has a rockin’ bod, plays the guitar and sings in a band, and actually has four kids.

Those certainly sound like all the ingredients one would need to be a DILF.

Bod? Check.

Guitar? Check.

Is an actual father? Check.

However, the subject appears to be up for debate.A quick poll around Metro’s New York office found that the staff was 50/50 on whether or not O’Malley is a total DILF.

So what say ye, dear reader? DILF or not a DILF?

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