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Players will love this new dating application

Players will love this new dating application

Score literally makes you play around. First there’s a quiz to set your personality up and then, people with similar matches are introduced. Bordeom is not possible as over 800 questions are available in 16 different categories. However, profile pictures are kept blurry and not everything on is published at first, just to keep th egame spicier. This is when the next level comes up; five intriguing questions have to be answered before the same questionnaire is sent to the possible match. Once he/she has completed it, Score calculates the reliabilty of the players and introduces one to another. The more the answers score, the more visible becomes the match.

What made you want to create Score,another dating application?

People who used dating apps all seemed to be missing an element of truth. They reminded us of focus groups: people always put themselves in the best light possible, or say what they think others want to hear. And that leads to a lot of time wasted, frustration, mistakes, bad life choices, heartbreak, etc. And more than anything, a lot of apps are shallow and cruel in their nature and way too dependent on looks. So in comes Score. Fun to play. Protects your identity to start. Like dating, it is a game. And it is all about personality, with just a hint of what others look like until you play and “unlock” their pictures. Our joke is that while many dating apps were created by a team of top social scientists, ours was thought up by a few people hanging out at the end of the bar.

What makes Score more “special” than the other applications already on the market (Tinder, Meetic…)?

Personality-driven. A true matchmaker that presents crazy questions to get to the true heart of who people are. A real icebreaker, giving people something entertaining to both that they can instantly talk about. Score is not too shallow, and only as deep as one wants it to be. It is a true game, like a 1970’s dating show reincarnated as an app. It gives people the ability to Score with anyone from around the world, including using the Score map to find folks. Score believes that while looks matter, who you are inside matters more, and you should be free to pursue people you like without being rejected, or even known, from the start.

Are the users fine with the blurry picture in the beginning?

Score is about who people are more than how they look. The blurred pictures are meant to serve as a tease and a “1st-touch” filter for people. Only, while allowing people to find those, they actually find interesting based on what they wrote in the sentence about themselves and what they like and love. It also creates a “aura of mystery”. Because of this truly unique way of seeing people, Score delivers a glimpse into whom others “really” are and allows one to instantly see how well they believe they’d match with someone. In essence, it saves people from havinig to go through a lot to get to the truth of who someone is. And it makes it awfully fun to do.

Will it stay a totally free application or will you add services customers would have to pay for?

It is a “freemium” app, meaning users get a set number of questions and categories for free and have the option to purchase some more categories and questions. We will also be launching a number of very, very cool features for purchase within the next year that will really have the app live up to and then surpass its name. Everything we add adds a real value to peopleand will create an enriched experience, unlike any other out there today.