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Pornstar Lisa Ann targets Andrew Wiggins? Move over Alex Reid

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Pornstar Lisa Ann says she is retired from the business, but that doesn’t mean she’s done bedding men half her age.

Ms. Ann host told GQ Magazine that she “prefers” NBA players to all other walks of human life and that she scouts the NBA Draft each year for her next conquests. Lisa Ann is in New York this weekend for the goldmine of potential NBA gold-diggers, NBA All-Star weekend, but she maintains she’s not looking for anything longterm.

Lisa Ann was no doubt impressed by the prospects of Andrew Wiggins when he was selected by the Minnesota Timberwolves first overall in last year’s draft. And it appears as though she was hoping to spend more than a New York minute with the young star this weekend, as on Friday night she re-tweeted some generic game stories of Andrew Wiggins playing well in something called the Rising Stars Challenge:

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ESPN New York @ESPNNewYork · Feb 13

Andrew Wiggins leads World team past U.S. in Rising Stars Challenge http://dlvr.it/8Xv2RK

Lisa Ann retweeted

MN Timberwolves @MNTimberwolves · Feb 13

The #BBVACompassRisingStarsChallenge MVP: @22wiggins. #RisingWolves

Here’s some of the best of Lisa Ann’sGQ interview, in which it’s made clear that Andrew Wiggins is her “pie in the sky” scenario:

Are you more comfortable with athletes or everyday guys?

I feel like if dudes could be with Victoria’s Secret models, that’s how I look at athletes. I’m 42. I’m looking at 18, 19, 20 year old guys. They’re little specimens. Their bodies are beautiful. They’re at the beginning of their lives, so they’re still excited, naive and simple. They’re not negative yet. There’s no ego yet. They’re not jaded. They’re fun.

Have you done any All-Star Weekends before?
I don’t think I have. This is my first one since I live here part time. So it worked out perfect.

Going to the game?
I’m trying. It’s not an easy task. I got to connect with the head PR guy at the NBA and I missed the deadline for credentials by like one day.

Do you spend more time with NBA players than other athletes?
I think it’s probably NBA because they have a longer season and they’re traveling more. Football is just seventeen solid weeks. They’re not out as much.

Any uncomfortable situations?
I don’t mess with multiple guys on a team at the same time. I don’t want to be in any locker room talk and I want them to feel special. There can be overnight trades where three of your dudes are on the same team. Then you just lay back for a period of time and it becomes texting only.

There was a scenario where I was in Toronto to meet with a player for the first time. I was at the game and there were three players from Orlando that I had to put on the back burner because there was a trade where one was already there and two more came in. So there was a moment where I was walking by half court going to talk to him at the sideline and as I’m talking to him, the other three are standing behind him.

My worlds just kind of collided. The three of them don’t know about each other yet. They noticed that I’m not interacting and they’re all looking at me. Then they all look at each other. Then they look at him. And I’m like, “Yup.”

They all hit me later on that night. But I taught them that women can be players too.

How many relationships have you had with athletes?
In my life in the business for twenty-something years? A lot. Hundreds.

Any substantial ones?
We were never serious, but there have been some that are in my life for five or six years and we talk on at least a bi-weekly basis.

Not serious because you didn’t want it or because they didn’t?
I didn’t want to be serious with anyone while I was shooting scenes and I don’t want to be serious with an active athlete because I think they should be focusing on other things. It just weighs things down. I don’t think they’re gonna be honest on the road because I know how they operate. I think I know them too well to fall into that illusion that I’m the first and only girl.

You were with [Notre Dame wide receiver] Justin Brent recently….
I love my little 19 year old.

How’d that start?
I met him at a restaurant. We exchanged numbers. He was going to be on break from school and I was like, “Hey, why don’t you come to the city and we’ll go to a Knicks game.”

Wiggins was said to have been dating singer/songwriter Alex Reid last year but things have been quiet on that front of late. Reid was singing the praises of Wiggins’ teammate Zach LaVineon Twitter during the dunk contest Saturday night, however:

· 12h 12 hours ago

OOOOOOHHHHHHHH ONE MO’GAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OOOOOVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

· 12h 12 hours ago

OOOOOOOHHHHH OOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! does NOT disappoint I told yalll

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