Donald Trump parody Twitter account targets his ties
Donald Trump parody Twitter account targets his ties. (Twitter/TrumpsTies)
President Donald Trump’s ties are a hot topic. Not just his alleged ties to Russia, but also his neckwear.
He’s been put on blast for using tape to secure the backs of them and for his choice of too-wide neckties or oddly long lengths. The latter is now even the subject of a parody Twitter account called Trump’s Ties.
While it’s not the first — nor probably the last — of the Trump parody Twitter accounts, Trump’s Ties is, ahem, long on fun as it stretches the fabric of the commander in chief’s neckwear in hilarious ways. 
We can see first lady Melania Trump holding a blue one in her hand like a leash to a purple one curling around Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s shoulders. One even appears to peek out of New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s suit jacket. 
Vice President Mike Pence can also be seen having one of Trump’s ties atop his head at the inauguration while another practically smacks him in the face as the two leave an airplane that’s presumably Air Force One. 
We’re not the only ones who love Trump’s Ties. Since joining in February, the account that describes itself as a “long tie’s journey into night” has more than 19,500 followers.  
Tie one on (sorry, we had to) and take a look at our 10 favorite photos from Trump’s Ties — and to the internet gods (and the gods of Photoshop), we say thank you. 
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