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‘Quantico’ fans felt betrayed when Lenny Platt seemed to go bad

Among television dramas, “Quantico” is the new “24.” Tuning in each week to watch Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra attempt to get to the bottom of the terrorist plot unfolding inside the FBI is not for the faint of heart.

Turns out it’s even more harrowing for the actors who make up the show’s ensemble cast.

“[Executive Producer] Josh Safran is on the record as saying the only person that’s safe is Priyanka,” says Lenny Platt, who portrays new agent trainee Drew Perales. “It’s definitely tense when we get our scripts every week.”

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“Quantico,” which will wrap up its first season this Sunday at 10 p.m. on ABC, is similar in that way to “Game of Thrones,” with both shows’ plot twists being closely guarded by producers.

“We’re kept in the dark about the process,” he explains. “We get the scripts on Friday and have to shoot in a couple of days.” (And, yes, right up until filming last week’s big reveal they had been left to speculate among themselves about who the terrorist would turn out to be.)

After winning fans over early in the series, it’s been a rough few weeks for Platt’s character Drew as he became deeply ensnared in the terror plot, which at one point saw him become the FBI’s prime suspect. Then, just as it was revealed he’d been framed, a literal bombshell shook the show last week — and his fate remains uncertain.

Here in the real world, “Quantico” fans were less than thrilled to see their former favorite suddenly become evil. “I got some pretty amazing GIFs,” he says of the moment it seemed clear Drew was not who viewers thought he was. “I got tweets saying people felt upset and betrayed. I liked it. It meant that I was doing my job right.”

Going into the season finale, the terrorist was revealed to be Liam O’Conner, the trainer who’s been working with the new agents including Drew and Chopra’s character, Alex. Does this mean the mystery is finally solved? “The audience is smart,” Platt says. “They know there’s one episode left.”

When Platt, 31, isn’t on set, he’s busy working as executive producer ofBBQ Films, an event company that produces “immersive cinematic experiences” that bring characters and scenes to life for the audience. “It’s like being inside your favorite movie,” Platt says. “You’re in a venue that feels like it’s part of the movie.”

Previous productions have includes a screening of “Back to the Future” in a high school gym and a “Beetlejuice” wedding at a nightclub. The next event will be themed after the original “Ghostbusters,” coming to Brooklyn in June.

“We’re creating a new Ghostbusters headquarters in Williamsburg,” he tells us. “The storyline is that the rent is too high in Manhattan, so the Ghostbusters have to move to Brooklyn.”

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