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Red Sox to fire John Farrell? Jim Leyland, Gary DiSarcina in?

Red Sox, fire, John Farrell, Jim Leyland

Memorial Day weekend has always been the unwritten cut-off point for firing your manager in-season. If the Red Sox can’t catch fire at Fenway this week against the Rangers and Mariners, then John Farrell will likely be done in Boston.

FOX Sports’ Ken Rosenthal has been all over the “Fire Farrell” rumors and cites that one of the reasons the steel jawed skipper is on the hot seat is because he doesn’t defend his own players enough in his dealings with the media.

That is laughable considering Farrell makes Terry Francona look like Dick Williams when it comes to being a “player’s coach.”

Expect the rumors to persist. Rosenthal mentioned current bench coach Gary DiSarcina, third base coach Brian Butterfield and former Tigers manager Jim Leyland as potential replacements if Farrell is, indeed, canned.


Celtics to trade Isaiah Thomas?

You better believe that if Danny Ainge gets a good trade proposal for Isaiah Thomas this summer that he’ll pull the trigger. With the Celtics in position to draft point guard Markelle Fultz, a trade package of – say – Thomas and next year’s Nets pick could land the Celtics just about anything not named LeBron or Steph Curry.

One hurdle that could prohibit Ainge from trading Thomas this summer though is the little guy’s current hip injury. Orthopedic hip surgeon Dr. Derek Ochiai told Metro this week that the recovery for Thomas’ injury is typically four and a half months.”

Surely, teams that would be interested in trading for Thomas would want to be 100 percent certain he’s good to go.


Twisted sister

The highly non-reputable site RadarOnline reported last week that Kylie Jenner is trying to steal her sister’s boyfriend, Cavaliers big man Tristan Thompson.

The site wrote that Kylie has been sending Thompson “sexy selfies” when Khloe Kardashian’s back is turned.

The sisters I supposed put an end to that rumor on Sunday during the Celtics’ improbable win in Cleveland, as they were sitting side by side during the game. Unless – of course – they’ve got some sort of kinky deal with Thompson going on … which can’t be ruled out.

It’s been a tumultuous month for the NBA’s current “it couple” as it was reported at the start of the month that the two were ready to break up because Khloe wanted to get married and Thompson did not. Thompson apparently wanted to only focus on the NBA playoffs (go figure).


Celebrate good times

The good and the bad of the NFL’s rule changes:


Bad: Shortening overtime to 10 minutes.

Either eliminate regular season OT altogether or keep it at 15 minutes. Can’t wait for one tie game per week this season.


Good: Relaxing the celebration rules.

I always thought Chad Ochocinco’s celebrations were perfect. They were smart. He once tried to resuscitate a football, giving it “chest” compressions. He once used the pylon as a putter to “putt” the football, and he once proposed to a cheerleader on the sidelines after a touchdown.

Harmless fun.

I draw the line at Joe Horn, who pulled a cell phone out of the goalpost pad to make a call after a touchdown, and Terrell Owens, who went to midfield to dance on the Cowboys’ logo multiple times in one game.

Other than that, have at it, kids.

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