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Red Sox, WEEI, NESN vs. Kirk Minihane and Dennis Eckersley

Red Sox, WEEI, NESN, Kirk Minihane
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If you want to voice your true opinions regarding the Red Sox these days, be prepared to be censored and/or potentially suspended.

On the heels of the David Price – Dennis Eckersley feud that just won’t die, it appears that WEEI host Kirk Minihane was sent on an early vacation because of an anti-Red Sox ownership tirade on Monday.

“They are the most pandering organization in America,” Minihane said of the Red Sox (WEEI has since removed the audio). “I wouldn’t work for them if you cut me a check for a hundred million dollars. They’re pukes. Top to bottom, the organization is loaded with pandering vomits.

“The Red Sox are pandering and it starts with John Henry, with Linda Pizzuti – who’s another panderer, goes to Tom Werner, and it goes all the way down – slides all the way down, takes a stop at John Farrell.”

The suspension, or whatever you want to call it, is incredible considering that the Red Sox do not own WEEI. WEEI merely broadcasts Sox games on radio. No one but your 82-year-old Great Uncle Jack listens to baseball on a transistor, and it’s a good bet that Minihane’s “Kirk & Callahan Show” pulls in more listeners in a day than Sox games do on 93.7 in a week.

In other words, WEEI would survive without Red Sox games on its airwaves. In 1967 or even 2007 that might not be the case – but that’s for sure today. No one cares about the “flagship” nonsense.

Yeah, there’s plenty of color that Minihane added in the above lashing, but the main point that the Red Sox owners are “panderers” is as accurate as calling the Green Monster green.

This is an organization, after all, that licked the feet of Derek Jeter (a Yankee!) for 45 minutes on his way out the door. (The Yankees returned favor by giving David Ortiz five minutes of half-hearted love and an oil painting). The Sox also once had a seven-year anniversary celebration for the 2004 Red Sox, have welcomed back Wade Boggs and Roger Clemens with open arms, and routinely have insufferable pre-game ceremonies that go about 20 minutes too long. No one would be surprised if there’s a Cesar Crespo Day at Fenway at some point.

So, to recap – you can’t accuse the Red Sox of pandering, and you can’t say “yuck” about a player’s stats on a team broadcast. If you do, you’ll either be temporarily taken off the air, or you’ll be embarrassed on a team flight.

It’s the Red Sox’ way.

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