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‘RHOD’ star Cary Deuber is more than a “trophy wife”

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When you think of Texas, cowboy hats and boots come to mind — not to mention huge ranches filled with cattle. But that’s not the scene set in Bravo’s latest series, “Real Housewives of Dallas,” which premiered Monday, April 11. In fact, it’s the total opposite.

“Dallas is much more metropolitan than even people think. We don’t ride horses down the street. Well, some people do, once in awhile,” says Cary Deuber, with a laugh. Deuber is one of the show’s five outspoken housewives. She’s a career-driven mother who loves doing yoga and spending time with her husband.

Over the phone, the new “RHOD” star spilled what fans can look forward to — including the group’s biggest drama queen.

Who’s the boss?
Deuber is a registered nurse and works with her husband, Mark, a plastic surgeon. “We’ve worked together for many years. He’s my best friend, but also my boss,” she says. “He gets to be my boss during the day and I’m his boss at night. So it works well.”Their dynamic works, according to the reality star, who adds, “We’re the kind of couple that can spend 24 hours together and not get sick of each other. I would be annoyed by us.”

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More than a “trophy wife”
Her tagline says, “I’m not a trophy wife. I’m a lifetime achievement award.” Deuber explains this actually came from a comment her stepson heard. Kids at school teased him, implying Deuber was a gold digger. But she says this isn’t the case at all.
“It’s so funny how people see from the outside and think I’m some trophy wife. I’m well-educated,” she explains. “It can be frustrating for me, as a career woman, to be a woman people look at and think she’s some dumb-dumb.”

Giving back
Philanthropy is a huge focus on “RHOD,” and it’s how the show’s leading ladies spend most of their time together. They bond over being regulars on the Dallas social scene. For example, the Deubers work with a small charity called DorisDaniely Outreach, providing reconstruction surgery to breast cancer survivors.

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On the empowering organization, Deuber says, “If you don’t have insurance, there’s not a good way to get breast reconstruction, so you’d have mastectomies and not have any breasts. For a woman, that’s devastating. My husband and I donate our time in the operating room, and then with the charity, we raise money. … There’s just a lot of costs associated with it, and it’s a really great program. “

Drama, drama, drama
When asked which co-stars she relates to most, Deuber picks Brandi Redmond and Stephanie Hollman. “They both are moms and have young children like I do. We hang out and have our kids hang out,” she says. “They’re just really hilarious. Brandi is funny and Stephanie is right there with her.” As seen in the premiere, the duo loves telling poop and fart jokes.

Just like in all of the other “Real Housewives” series, there’s always someone starting trouble. “I would probably say that the women who don’t have kids maybe have a little more time for drama in their lives,” Deuber says. “I would probably have to say LeeAnne [Locken] is the drama queen of the show.”

Still, she doesn’t let it get to her. “I’m a strong woman and I always speak my mind. So sometimes that doesn’t go over as well as it could.” ​

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