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Rihanna gets political in ‘American Oxygen’ music video

Rihanna has released a new music video for her single “American Oxygen,” and bad girl RiRi is getting real political in it.
Taking a stylistic cue from Lana Del Rey, (the artist who habitually uses montage videos for her notably Americana music) Rihanna sings lyrics like “Oh say, you see. This is the American dream,” while footage of President Obama’s first inauguration, police in riot gear, and John F. Kennedy Jr. play.
The video is a buffet of political and historical American images and footage, and makes it an interesting choice for Rihanna, who is a citizen of Barbados.
Whatever Rihanna’s nationality, the music video’s emphasis on police brutality and race politics in the United States is powerful and in-tune with national conversations.
Take a look at the entire music video below and let us know what you think about it:

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