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Robot exotic dancers are taking over the poles at Midtown gentlemen’s club

The Robo Twins in action during CES. Courtesy of Sapphire Gentlemen's Club

Sexy robots seemed like a far-off dream when A.I. came out in 2001. But because we live in a society that knows how profitable men’s pleasure is, progress on the erotic robotics front has progressed a lot faster than flying cars.

In fact, the world’s first robotic exotic dancers are already here, and will make their New York debut at a Midtown gentlemen’s club this weekend.

The Robo Twins known as #R2DoubleD and #TripleCPU (and you thought The Last Jedi ruined your childhood) will be working the poles all Friday and Saturday night at Sapphire 39, located at 20 W. 39th St.

A rep for the club tells Metro that the robots will be “set up on stage and electronically gyrate/dance around the pole, during which human entertainers will also be performing normally around them.”

But as you can see from this video of their debut at the Sapphire Las Vegas during the recent CES technology conference, we’re still not quite in the sexy future Steven Spielberg promised:

Oh, did you not want your sex robots to have infrared security cameras for heads and bodies stitched together like a character in a Tim Burton movie?

Apparently, the cameras are an intentional touch. The robots are the creation of London-based sculptor Giles Walke, who wanted to call attention to the rise of surveillance culture. London has more than 500,000 security cameras as of 2017.

To see the twins in action, there’s a $30 cover, and no, the “ladies” do not accept Bitcoin for payment. There will also be “futuristic” food and drink specials throughout the night. Guys, please — just like in Last Jedi, blue milk would be a bad joke.

As we hurtle ever closer to outsourcing the most basic human function to robots, please remember: Fembots have feelings, too.

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