Sean Spicer, former White House Easter Bunny?!?! – Metro US

Sean Spicer, former White House Easter Bunny?!?!

There may a lot to say about White House spokesman Sean Spicer, but we bet you wouldn’t say he gives you a case of the warm and fuzzies like, oh, say a bunny, right?

Think again.

While working in the U.S. Trade Representative’s office under President George W. Bush, Spicer brought joy and laughter — intentionally — to the White House’s annual Easter Egg Roll by moonlighting as the Easter Bunny.

Spicer’s furry past came to light over the weekend after animator Robert Schooley, who co-created Disney Channel’s “Kim Possible,” shared a 2008 Politico interviewwith Spicer on Twitter.

Whatever side you’re on, we’re sure there are many jokes to be told about Spicer and Spicer-as-Easter-Bunny not being allowed to talk or nuzzling GWB, so feel free to tell us yours in the comments below or on social media.

And to sweeten the request, here’s one more for the road. You’re so welcome.