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Selena Gomez and The Weeknd are cohabitating now

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Selena Gomez and The Weeknd are that couple that you wish would just calm the hell down. We get it! You’re in love! You don’t have to remind us at every turn. We remember. You two literally never let us forget with your persistent PDA and gushing about each other via Instagram story.

Anyway, these two young folks are cohabitating now. In New York City, no less! Is nowhere safe?

E! News reports that the couple is moving on to the next level by sharing a temporary luxury apartment together in Greenwich Village. But it’s only because Gomez is filming an untitled Woody Allen (ugh) project right now.

A source tells the site that it’s a pretty “big deal” for the actress, who is “definitely immersing” herself into the “nitty gritty of New York.” We’re talking Greenwich Village, here, so I think it’s not so much nitty gritty as it is, you know, a part of Manhattan that’s less filled with actual garbage.

Good for them, I guess! If they can survive living together in an oversized apartment that goes for $16,000 a month, they can survive anything! Right?


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