Seth Meyers pokes fun at Patriots planes and Boston University students – Metro US

Seth Meyers pokes fun at Patriots planes and Boston University students

Seth Meyers

“Late Night with Seth Meyers” showed Boston a lot of love during Wednesday night’s opening monologue.

The New Hampshire native and avid Red Sox fan poked fun at a pair of Bay State institutions, cracking jokes at the expense of both the Patriots and Boston University. Although Meyers is admittedly not a fan of the New England team, he was a bit kinder towards Tom Brady’s crew than he was towards the typically awful Cleveland Browns.

“The New England Patriots have become the first NFL team to buy their own planes to fly to games,” Meyers said. “While the Cleveland Browns have been downgraded to the overhead bin on Spirit Airlines.”

The 43-year-old “Saturday Night Live” alum wasn’t as kind to Boston University. While talking about BU students who opened a sushi restaurant in their dorm room, Meyers took a shot at their fellow college kids’ smelly living quarters.

“Two Boston University students recently launched a sushi restaurant in their dorm room,” Meyers said. “While every other students’ dorm room just smells like they did.”

Aside from the Boston name drops, Meyers also had a few words about President Donald Trump’s recent comments about North Korea. The late-night host compared the POTUS’ four-year term to a really long improv comedy show.

“According to the New York Times, President Trump’s threat to respond to North Korea with fire and fury was entirely improvised,” Meyers said. “Oh, we know. We’re all living the ultimate nightmare. We’ve been invited to somebody’s four year long improv show.”

Check out Seth Meyers’ full “Late Night” monologue below.

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