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‘SNL’ star Michael Che still thinks Boston is racist

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Sorry, Boston. Michael Che of “Saturday Night Live” still thinks you’re racist.

During a stand-up appearance at Boston University Thursday, Che did not retract his previous observation that Boston is “the most racist city” he’s ever been to.

The “Weekend Update” co-host said that he received an outpouring of outrage on social media after making the scathing remark the night before the Super Bowl, including a message fromone woman who was extremely angry.

As a response, Che said he asked her to “talk to your closet black friend and ask them to explain it to you,” The Boston Globe reported. “Touche,” was what Che said the woman replied.

According to Reddit user hkepchar, who was in the BU audience Thursday, Che said he thinks Boston is racist because he was denied entry into a bar once because he was wearing “new Jordans” and was told that sneakers were not allowed, even though people inside were also wearing sneakers.

The comedian said he doesn’t apologize for what he says because he’s “just trying to be more presidential.”

Speaking of President Trump, Che said he likes the entertainment value the commander in chief provides, but wished he was the head of another country as opposed to “our own little slice of crazy.”