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Spark your curiosity with these unexpected Community College courses

Spark your curiosity with these unexpected Community College courses
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When is it too late to indulge in your curiosity? One day you could be well into a perfectly “fine” career and look up to realize that what you are doing on a daily basis just isn’t really putting your creativity to the test. What is the one thing that you wished that you put in the effort and really gone for? Well fortunately for you, it is never too late to make a professional pivot. But what can you do if you are too still hesitant to drop everything in your professional life in order to enroll at a full-time school? If this is where you are, you can always take advantage of courses at your local community college to see if the subject material of these courses whets your appetite in a way that sparks your interests more than just a pipedream that should stay that way. Here are some out-of-the-box and unexpected courses you can take at some of the local community colleges in your area.

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Acting courses at Roxbury Community College

Acting for the stage and television can be one of those things that can be hard to break into and even harder to devote the time that some conservatories require of their students. That’s why taking courses at a community college as a way to “dip your toes into the water” might be a more pragmatic and realistic approach for those who have that desire to be up on the stage while also maintaining a 9-to-5 day job. Roxbury Community College in Roxbury Crossing, MA offers several different courses that can make it easy for people to get an understanding of what it takes to perform for both the camera and command the attention of an audience. For instance, their course Acting for Stage and TV will shape students’ basic voice, movement, and articulation techniques in order to have a more composed approach to public speaking. Who knows, this kind of re-alignment of one’s overall posture could translate to their everyday life and even seep into their careers if they find that acting isn’t really their thing.

Video game design at Bristol Community College

When you play video games, does your fascination go beyond beating levels to wanting to know how they are built from the original idea to the screen? Well, as it turns out learning the skills to become a video game developer is almost as accessible to walking into your local Gamestop and shelling out the cash for a copy of Red Dead Redemption 2.

By enrolling in Bristol Community College’s Associate in Science in Computer Information Systems (Game Development and Game Creation Concentration), you will be introduced to an involved curriculum that will help you create your own playable worlds and help to prepare you to find entry-level jobs within the video game industry. The program offers such standard courses like Electronic Game Development I&II, Programming for Game Developers I&II, Level Building, and Game Production. In the last two semesters of the program, students will break off into teams in order to create and pitch ideas for their very own video games in an interactive assignment that closely mirrors the industry. Who knows, maybe you will stumble upon the idea that could be the next Fortnite?

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