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Conor McGregor. Getty Images

It has been just over three weeks since Conor McGregor’s wild attack on a bus carrying fellow UFC fighters in Brooklyn. Dana White vows that that the UFC will punish its superstar … but only after a New York City court weighs in on him first. When speaking with TMZ Sports on Monday, the UFC president said that McGregor has “gotta be punished by the law first” and “let’s see what happens in New York,” when asked about the company’s impending disciplinary ruling on the MMA sensation. The UFC president added: “He’s gotta go through that (the legal system), first.” TMZ additionally reported that McGregor isn’t due back in court until June 14. The 29-year-old McGregor was arrested on April 5 and charged with three counts of assault and one count of criminal mischief for the attack, in which he threw a dolly at a UFC bus, shattering its glass and injuring several UFC competitors.


UFC fighter Ray Borg suffered a corneal abrasion and fellow fighter Michael Chiesa suffered a facial laceration due to McGregor’s bus attack, as both combatants were deemed unfit to fight in the UFC 223 card earlier this month. McGregor posted $50,000 bail shortly after his arrest, but TMZ says he faces up to seven years in prison for the attack. That worst-case projection didn’t stop White from talking about a possible mega fight between McGregor, the UFC’s biggest draw, and rugged Russian, Khabib Nurmagomedov.


"If you do a fight that big, you gotta do it in Vegas,” White told TMZ Sports. "Khabib will fight in Russia at some point, but it wont be that fight. It's too big. Ya gotta do it in Vegas."

Once McGregor works out his legal issues, it would only be right for him to face Nurmagomedov in the Octagon. After all, Nurmagomedov’s confrontation with UFC fighter Artem Lobov, who Conor considers a friend, was what reportedly prompted McGregor to board a flight from Ireland to New York with 20 of his friends to confront Khabib via the bus attack. 

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