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CM Punk was demolished in his last UFC fight in June. Getty Images

If WWE was going to bring back CM Punk, Summer Slam 2018 would be the absolute perfect event to do so. The current storyline of Brock Lesnar dumping his longtime advocate, Paul Heyman, shapes up perfectly for Punk to make his triumphant return to help out his former manager. Punk, of course, is a Paul Heyman guy. And before Heyman touted Lesnar as the “reigning, defending, undisputed champion” of the world he was telling the WWE Universe how Punk owned the record for the longest WWE heavyweight title reign of the “modern era.” Could Wrestling UFC rumors CM Punk WWE return at Summer Slam come true?

Punk’s lengthy title reign, which was a big part of his character at the time, ended at 434 days when The Rock beat him at the 2013 Royal Rumble. Interestingly enough, Lesnar just beat that record earlier this summer during his current reign with the Universal title.

Who better to help Roman Reigns finally conquer the beast than Punk, who could help end Lesnar’s title reign and place himself back with Heyman.



Wrestling UFC rumors CM Punk WWE return at Summer Slam this month?

The UFC and WWE have never gotten along any better than they do right now. Both organizations are continually promoting one another’s product with UFC mentions being dropped on RAW on a regular basis and Lesnar having shown up at a UFC Pay-Per-View last month.

UFC’s two biggest stars of the past 10 years – Lesnar and Ronda Rousey – are both currently under contract to WWE. That said, Lesnar is likely to return to the Octagon by the end of this year to fight Daniel Cormier and Rousey said earlier this year that she is not ruling out a return to UFC as well at some point.

Meanwhile, Punk’s UFC career is over. Dana White does not want to see Punk fight again after Punk was pounded by Mickey Gall a couple years back and was most recently shredded by Mike Jackson via unanimous decision.

It’s got to sting a bit for Punk that WWE is currently on such good terms with UFC. But in the long-run it could be a benefit to his career. Say Punk returned to WWE for a few months, got bored again and wanted to give UFC another try? In today’s UFC – WWE friendly climate, anything is possible when it comes to the swapping of talent. Could Wrestling UFC rumors CM Punk WWE return at Summer Slam come true?

Wrestling UFC rumors CM Punk WWE return at Summer


Wrestling UFC rumors CM Punk WWE return at Summer Slam this month?

Vince McMahon only follows 50 people on Twitter. There’s a bunch of XFL people on there. There’s newly elected Mayor Kane. There’s Rousey, The Rock, Lesnar and Donald Trump.

But one of the first persons McMahon followed when he joined Twitter in 2013 was Punk. Curiously, after all the legal battles. After all the bad-mouthing. Vince has not un-followed Punk. Either he’s genuinely interested in what his former champion is up to in 2018, or he simply doesn’t know how to unfollow people on Twitter. Either is obviously very possible.

Given McMahon’s ties to Trump, making a CM Punk return to WWE even more interesting is the fact that Punk flat-out called the President a racist earlier this year.

“If David Duke invites me over for tacos, I’m not going to David Duke’s house,” Punk said in June when asked if he would meet with Trump if he was ever invited to the White House. “Come on, I call it like I see it. A racist is a racist. I don’t care if you’re at the White House, or you live down the street from me. I’m not hanging out with you.”

Punk is 39-years-old, so it’s not exactly now or never considering AJ Styles is 41 and John Cena is the same age. But make no mistake - the clock is ticking as it pertains to him ever making any money in an octagon or a squared circle ever again.

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