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‘Star Wars’ drones are ready for your Earthling money and human homes

You want to stroll the aisles of the local Dollar Tree at your leisure and not worry about juggling your finds, so you look for a shopping cart. What do you do when there aren’t any? This woman’s approach was to set the place on fire.

What should the newly merged DraftKing and FanDuel site be called? Let us know what you think!

Is this a violation of free speech? Aneighth grade student was paddled for writing Donald Trump’s name on the chalkboard.

The Trump University case, in which 5,000 students claimed to have been defrauded out of a collective $40 million,has been settledfor $25 million.

Whether it’s a topless tweet or athreat to assassinate the president-elect, the internet is forever.

Forget Kanye going head-to-head with Donald Trump for the Oval Office in 2020.He totally would have voted for him,ifhe voted, Yeezy said.

A blind man wasallegedly refused servicein a fast food restaurant because he had his guide dog with him.

Drones have a new natural enemy –eagles.

Drones also have a new best friend – as in every “Star Wars” fan. This holiday,you might get just what you always wantedhovering over the tree.

Hold up, Cheech.Breathalyzersaren’t just for boozehounds anymore.

Always look in your shoes before you put them on and always pay attention to your cat. First, your cat is probably ridiculously cute. Second,he might save your life from a venomous snake.


Firemen might have hit the top of the “you are so incredible” scale. Not only did theMassachusetts firefighter calendar come out, but FDNY saved a blind and deaf puppy who was trapped in a wall. Talk about warming the cockles of your heart!

To cool you off,Metro announced ournew ski coverage. Get ready to hit the slopes, folks!

If you live in Philadelphia,you’ll need thisto get around this weekend.

Get toknow the emotional sideof the silver-wigged Andy Warhol with this New York exhibit.

Congratulations! It’s Friday!


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