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Starbucks is about to become more expensive

Starbucks plans to increase its prices on July 12.

Starbucks lovers might want to hang onto that extra change weighing down their wallet. The frappuccino haven is about to raise its coffee prices again, Eater reports.

As if the cost increase isn’t bad enough, Starbucks admitted last week on the company’s website that it preemptively changed its prices which was supposed to be set for July 12. Customers may have been overcharged 30 cents per beverage, a small amount that could add up for frequent coffee drinkers.

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The company urges customers who were accidentally overcharged to contact Customer Service at 1-800-782-7282 so it can correct the error.

This upcoming price increase shouldn’t come as a huge shock considering Starbucks has raised the cost of its products the first week of July for the past two years.

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Last year the Seattle-based coffee chain added 5 to 20 cents on top of the current prices, according to Eater, and the previous year saw a raise of 10 to 15 cents.

Starbucks has yet to comment on which drinks will have higher prices, but be prepared to crack open your piggy bank next week.

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