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Steven Moffat will stay on ‘Doctor Who’ after Season 10

Steven Moffat will stay on ‘Doctor Who’ after Season 10
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Steven Moffat won’t be leaving “Doctor Who” as showrunner quite yet at the end of the upcoming series 10.

“I’ve got so much more time left on ‘Doctor Who,’” he said at a press roundtable during New York Comic Con on Friday. — I’m not just doing this Christmas, I’m doing next Christmas as well.”

Moffat’s had a long run with the BBC series, where he began as a writer when it was revived in 2005 then took over as showrunner from Russell T. Davies in 2010. He’d previously been announced as handing over showrunning duties to Chris Chibnall (“Broadchurch”) after the 10th season, which will start airing in April.

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When it does come time to hand over the keys, Moffat said he plans to sit down with Chibnall and “figure out where he wants it parked and how to get it there,” he says. “But to be honest, it’s a very short conversation, I’ve had it before with Russell saying, ‘Could you crash the TARDIS?’ And that was it, really.”

Current series star Peter Capaldi, who has said he intends to continue in the role of the Doctor, told Newsweek that Moffat was stepping away from the show to avoid burnout. That said, Moffat is just glad his tenure won’t be the end of the Doctor’s adventures.

“It will feel strange and it will feel sad, but also the No. 1 nightmare for anyone in this job is the idea that you wouldn’t hand it over, that you would be the person who ended it, and that would be horrible, that would be unbearable,” he said. “Now that we’ve managed to get ‘Doctor Who’ back and put it right in the center of television, the idea that it would end is appalling to me.”

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As for this year’s Christmas special, expect a new kind of adventure. “We just wrapped on Friday and it’s wonderful — we have a superhero in it,” says Capaldi. “In the U.K. on Christmas Day, they used to show the Christopher Reeve ‘Superman’ movies and I loved them, they were so witty and clever but also loyal to the idea of Superman, and in a way we’ve sort of made kind of one of those.”

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