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Stress-free living


Christa O’Leary, author of “Home in Harmony: Designing an Inspired Life,” utilizes her background in psychology and interior design to transform your over-cluttered digs into a sanctuary.

Clear clutter
When you walk through the door after a long day, do you feel relief or do you feel stressed because you have yet to go through the magazines that are scattered across the floor? “The first thing to do within your home is to take care of the clutter, because it weighs on our unconscious mind,” says O’Leary. “Go through those cluttered spaces and start there. You want your home to nurture you, not drain your energy.”

Shop wisely
“All of the products you bring into your home have a direct impact on the function of your body and your vitality and vibrancy,” says O’Leary. “Even the cleaning products you’re using have a direct impact on your health.” Because of this, she suggests going for organic and natural cleaners.

Turn off your autopilot
Are you guilty of not making your bed? If running out of the house with sheets scattered is something you’ve become accustomed to, it’s time to make a conscious change. “People don’t realize this, but 80 percent of our daily actions are done out of habit,” O’Leary says. “Being aware of this is key. In order to see some changes you have to replace [bad habits] with beneficial ones, which will inspire better living.”

Choose paint carefully
Wall color could impact your mood. “Red increases our energy level and it and makes you hungry,” O’Leary explains. “So if you are trying to lose weight, it’s the worst color to paint your kitchen.” Find the tones that work for you, she recommends.

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