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SXSW: Aubrey Plaza’s superhero aspirations

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Aubrey Plaza has made a name for herself in the comedy and independent film world with projects like the recently wrapped “Parks and Recreation” and her SXSW film premiere, “Fresno.” But that doesn’t mean she wouldn’t be down to suit up for something in Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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“I would love to play some kind of badass superhero, that would be awesome. I’m sure everyone would. What’s not to love about that?” Plaza says. “I would love that. I mean, the reason I do movies is I like to be transported, and any kind of supernatural element in movies, I love that kind of stuff. I really like doing grounded, indie movies also, but the reason I fell in love with acting and movies was because I wanted to, like, play an alien from another dimension, do things that only happen in your imagination. So the Marvel world is totally up my alley. But you must be chosen for those kinds of movies. So hopefully someday.”

The only question, of course, is which comic book character she could play. I’m going to go with Spider-Woman. Or maybe a new female Hawkeye.

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