Take it (almost all) off at Cupid’s Undie Run – Metro US

Take it (almost all) off at Cupid’s Undie Run

Take it (almost all) off at Cupid’s Undie Run
M. Lindsay Photography, Facebook

If you liketaking off your clothes in public, you’ll have another chance to do it next month — and for a good cause.

Cupid’s Undie Run, taking place just before Valentine’s Day on Feb. 13, asks runners to strip down to their “bedroom best” for a fundraiserbenefiting The Children’s Tumor Foundation,which funds research into curing neurofibromatosis.

Here’s what nudity has to do with it: One in 3,000 kids is born with the disease,whichcauses painful and debilitatingtumors to grow on nerve endings. As the organizers put it,”They can’t put clothes on to feel more comfortable, so why should we?”

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In the spirit of taking your clothes off being its own reward, the “mile(ish)” run is at your own pace, bookended by two parties:a pre-run ceremony and post-run open bar, with on-themeprizes like embroidered bathrobes.

Registration is just $40 until Jan. 15, and if you happened to strike up a friendly conversation or twowith fellow No Pants Subway Riders, there are discounts for groups (or make new exhibitionist friends by signing onto an existing team).