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Talking Marathon Monday with BostonTweet aka Tom O’Keefe

Boston Tweets Prepares For Boston Marathon
For the third year in a row, Tom O’Keefe, aka social media influencer Boston Tweet, is leaving his selfie stick at home to make the 26.2 mile trek from Hopkinton to Copley Square on Marathon Monday. In addition to helping him curb his beer belly, O’Keefe is excited to run the famed course again to raise funds for Limbs for Life, an Oklahoma-based charity that helps provide prosthetic care for those in need. Here, the 43-year-old Washing Square resident tells us where he trained for the big race and his favorite spots to check out in the city.
How did you prepare for this year’s Marathon?
I actually like running in the city. I know most people enjoy the Esplanade and on the Cambridge side also, but I enjoy the city, mainly because it keeps you awake — the drivers are so bad here. I try to discover new neighborhoods, so lately I’ve been running up a lot out past JP, towards Roxbury, towards Dudley Square, Egleston Square, sort of discovering areas that I don’t know that well.
What are your post-Marathon celebration plans?
I’m going to Sólás and drinking a lot of 26.2. That’s not a paid promotion by any of those. I’m a big fan of Sólás. The Lennox Hotel is one of my favorite places. This time of year, I think 26.2 is a really good beer. That’s where I’ve been the last two years. The best thing about running a Marathon, you have two beers and you’re bombed.
What are some of your other favorite spots to hang out in the city?
I love the Public Garden and the Common is cool, too. The Garden is absolutely spectacular, so it’s certainly one of my places that I love to go to.
On a Friday night you’ll find me…
I live down by Washington Square, so The Publick House has always been my go-to, local neighborhood spot that I’ll go to for a burger and some beers. The Salty Pig for going out on Fridays. Pizza, beer, and charcuterie, big fan of that place.
What’s an undiscovered gem in Boston?
I went last week to Tapestry, which is in the Fenway. It’s the old bar at the church and music hall. It’s actually really cool. It has this dual concept front, kind of shuffleboard, a little hipster beer bar. In the back though, it’s sort of Miami, with a very cool club feel to it. It’s actually two very unique groups in this bar. It’s right next to El Pelon and that area, but it’s really quiet.
If you had to recommend an awesome, quick grub spot to a tourist who’s only in town for 24 hours, where would it be?
If you want a great atmosphere and are coming to Boston for one night, Eastern Standard. It’s a cool vibe, it’s always busy, you’re not going to go on a Tuesday and it’s quiet.
What’s your best social media tip?
Basically, my whole thing is know your demo, who you’re talking to, and be authentic to who you are. That’s what I’ve been trying to do for nine years.
What’s the most instagrammable spot in Boston?
The Public Garden.
Who’s the one person you wish would follow you on Twitter?
I’m a huge music fan, so someone like Bruce Springsteen or U2, if they ever followed me, it’d be amazing.
Describe Boston in three emojis.
The two that I have popping up in my most used are the running guy, which kind of makes sense, and a dancing guy, which really does not make sense for me. And then the sunglass-wearing, cool smiley shaped emoji.

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