Taylor Swift has seriously cashed in on her return to Spotify, to the tune of $400K – Metro US

Taylor Swift has seriously cashed in on her return to Spotify, to the tune of $400K

Taylor Swift Spotify

Remember that old Taylor Swift Spotify feud?

It’s easy to forget when the megastar is constantly making headlines for her beef with Katy Perry or romance with new beau, Joe Alwyn, but the Taylor Swift Spotify ordeal should still be on your radar. Your killer workout playlist hung in the balance, after all.

Well, get ready for the best runs of your life because the pop starlet made a triumphant return to the massive music streaming service after three years of bad blood with the company — and listeners weren’t the only ones to profit. In fact, a Billboard report reveals she’s garnered a cool $400,000 after returning to the streaming service, along with other services like Pandora, Tidal and Amazon. 

Seems the Taylor Swift Spotify rift created even more demand for her tunes on the streaming service. The week of her musical return to Spotify and other streaming services, she allegedly received a whopping 51.53 million on-demand audio streams in the U.S. Safe to say, there are no teardrops on her guitar this week.


The Taylor Swift-Spotify re-release of her complete back catalogue of music was a “thank you” to fans to celebrate her album 1989 selling over 10 million albums around the world, according to Taylor Swift’s management. “Taylor wants to thank her fans by making her entire back catalogue available to all streaming services tonight at midnight,” a statement on Twitter read on June 8th from the singer’s management team.

Sure, it’s not quite as much as the reported $14 million Kim Kardashian West made from her sold-out KKW Beauty line yesterday, but it’s no small feat for the beloved pop queen.

We’re not sure if we should start by blasting “Blank Space” and rocking out in our living room or lining up a playlist of Taylor Swift’s best country hits from the early days to celebrate the streaming news.