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TECH: ‘Quiet Night’ app will stop your baby from crying

No luck getting your baby to fall asleep because of constant crying? A new device uses the power of music, promising to cut crying time by up to half.

Quiet Night, the so-called “baby iPod,” plays music customized by your child.

“It’s about control over environment,” says developer Ben Way. “Babies generally have none, and this frustrates them.”

The system uses a smart handle so your baby can control the music being played; the longer they hold onto the handle, the more they are enjoying it, and the app learns which tunes they prefer. “It keeps the child engaged and also helps them learn and by keeping them occupied, so they cry less,” Way explains.

The gadget, intended for babies from 3 months to 2 years, was inspired by the work of a Bristol University psychologist who spent over 20 years researching how music influences babies. The tunes span four categories — acoustic, classical, instrumental and “simple” — and stimulate brain development.

Quiet Night is seeking funding on Indiegogo, with over $39,000 raised of its $100,000 goal. The app works with iOS and Android devices, and costs $69 to $199.

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