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Texas woman finds baggie of cocaine in Nature Valley granola bar

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Cynthia Rodriguez of San Antonio, Texas, thought she had won a prize when a little plastic bag fell from the wrapper of her Nature Valley granola bar on March 18, reports KEN 5. The bag did, after all, have dollar signs all over it.

But she soon realized something was up when she saw the bag was filled with a powdery white substance. She called Nature Valley and was told to call the police. When she called the San Antonio Police Department, officers tested the substance and discovered it was cocaine; they first tested to see if it was heroin.

Rodriguez told KEN 5, “He tried for cocaine and they both looked at each other and he goes ‘oh my goodness, it’s high-quality cocaine.”

The police department is still investigating how the baggie ended up inside the wrapper. Sgt. Javier Salazar told KEN 5, “It’s a somewhat disturbing case.You think of a child getting a hold of a package that’s got interesting symbols on it, dollar signs in this case, and ingesting something like cocaine that could have a possibly dangerous effect, maybe even deadly on a child.”

Salazar said it is uncertain when the cocaine got into the wrapper. “We’re not sure if this was something added on purpose or if it was something that may have fallen out of someone’s pocket on the assembly line,” said Salazar.

General Mills is denying responsibility, saying, “We referred this to the police department in March, and are confident this did not happen in our facility.”

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