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Thanks again, Millennials! Hooters is shutting down locations ’cause y’all just aren’t into boobs


Hooters. The “breastaurant” where you can order average-at-best bar food like hot wings while being served by well-endowed waitresses. But like any good thing, Millennials are being blamed for the cleavage-abundant eatery’s downfall.

Hooters is shutting down some locations and it might be all Millennials’ faults. According to Pornhub data, the young’uns just aren’t that into boobs.

According to Pornhub‘s data, the average visitor between the ages of 18 and 24 are 19 percent less likely to search for breasts compared to other age groups. Visitors between the ages of 55 and 64 are 17 percent more likely to search for boob-friendly porn.

Hooters already cut its number of locations in the United States by 7 percent between 2012 and 2016 when sales sagged, Business Insider reported.

“At the moment, larger breasts are out though I’m sure they’ll come back,” Sarah Pedersen, professor of communications and media at Robert Gordon University, told Playboy. “We tend to react to what went before.”

Hooters has been trying to win over the Millennial, the golden goose consumer pretty much everyone wants.

“For years they’ve only been working toward Generation X, but now they need to try to get Millennials to come through the doors,” Darren Tristano of food industry consulting company Technomic told Time in 2012.

Hooters revamped its image by updating the décor and the menu, and even opened up a casual, more clothed version called Hoots, which has both men and women on its waitstaff.

And Hooters might have gotten out-Hooted by a lesser known chain by the nostalgic name Twin Peaks. Besides the reference to the David Lynch show in both name and log cabin décor, the restaurant promises “Eats, Drinks, Scenic Views” — and the scenic views aren’t part of the landscape.

Rather than gaze out the window, Twin Peaks visitors can feast their eyes on scantily-clad women in Daisy Duke shorts and lumberjack-type shirts tied to bare midriffs with the girls on prominent display.

PornHub Vice President Corey Price jokingly asked Mel Magazine, “Could it be that millennials aren’t into breasts because, simply, they like big butts and cannot lie?”

“It’s not our job to speculate but rather provide compelling data for our fans to digest and draw their own inferences from,” he added.

Overall, boob-related queries on Pornhub make up 1.5 percent of all searches. The top breast-related search on Pornhub is “big tits,” followed by “big boobs” and its classy cousin “huge tits.” “Big natural boobs” comes in fourth.

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