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The best cosplay at New York Comic Con 2017

There’s never been a time when we needed New York Comic Con more than in 2017.

Defying the national mood of doom and gloom, fans refused to be anything less than their relentlessly cheerful selves for four magical days at the Javits Center last weekend.

The annual convention of all things pop culture — the largest such annual gathering in North America — saw over 150,000 fans pass through the expanding Javits Center. New York City’s biggest convention hall is partially under construction to make even more room for special events and fun next year.

Even with the reduced space, it wouldn’t be NYCC without the Javits. One dedicated cosplayer even decided to show their appreciation in the true language of Comic Con:

However much starpower and showbiz glitter that networks and studios bring to the convention, fans still take center stage. Whether it was a tiny Moon Girl capturing hearts as she found her Dinosaur or the impressive feat of engineering that is a life-size Bumblebee from Transformers, fans bent genders, mashed up fandoms and looked realistic enough to double as the characters themselves.

But really, check out Bumblebee in action:

So take a break from browsing the roasts of McDonald’s spectacularly disastrous Rick & Morty Szechuan sauce quest and check out the best cosplay from New York Comic Con 2017.

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