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The best part of Comic-Con is clearly The Jennifer Lawrence Show

Sure, there are lots of great costumes and exclusive footage revealed for much-hyped upcoming movies, but if the first day of San Diego Comic-Con proved anything, it’s that nothing is as entertaining as any time Jennifer Lawrence opens her mouth. The “Hunger Games” star kicked off this year’s SDCCwith fellow cast members and filmmakers from the massive franchise’s swan song, “Mockingjay Part 2,” and she proved just as charming and effortlessly hilarious as ever — even if she doesn’t think too highly of her oratoryskills.

“What have we learned about me and public speaking?” she asked co-star Josh Hutcherson at one point, to which he replied,”Don’t do it. I have a kill switch for your mic under the table.” Fortunately for the crowd, he actually didn’t.

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“What I have in my head is actually pretty interesting,” she said while fumbling over an answer from a fan.”You guys, I haven’t done interviews in like a year.” And backstage for the post-panel press conference, the show continued: “‘Well, that’s risky, Jennifer,'” she said to herself at one point, stopping an answer mid-sentence. “I’m starting a new thing.I tried to develop a filter. I’m working on it. But right now I’m dancing on, ‘This could blow people’s hair back —in a good way’ or, ‘It could be my last time at Comic-Con.'”

You be the judge. Here are some her best moments from the Hall H panel and the backstage press conference afterward.

Her roles have changed her
Asked if any of the roles she’s played have rubbed off on her, Lawrence went for a joke she almost immediately regretted.”The drinking really rubbed off on me from ‘American Hustle,'” she offered before adding a quick,”I’m kidding!” As for her “Hunger Games” alter ego?”I would hope that a little bit of Katniss has rubbed off on me, but nothing about us is similar,” she said.”Because she’s brave and I’m an actress.”

Even actresses get hungry
Toward the end of the Hall H panel, Lawrence was spotted mouthing to Hutcherson what looked like, “I’m so hungry,” and it turned out that’s exactly what she was relating. “I did say that I was hungry, and I did eat a panini and some cheese and crackers and a wrap,” she revealed. “And then I tried to grab French fries and this stern lady literally swatted my hand away and went, ‘No!’ It was like, ‘I haven’t been talked to like that since the first movie came out. I kind of like it.'”

Meeting Bill Murray
Before taking the Hall H stage, Lawrence ran into “Ghostbusters” legend Bill Murray, who had just finished his own panel. So what did they talk about?”I —and the rest of the world —have been a huge fan of Bill Murray for a really long time, and I always wanted to meet him,” she explained. “I kind of spoke to him through Woody Harrelson. I would send emails to Woody — mostly when I was drunk — of things that I always wanted to say to Bill Murray. And so he received them. So just the fact that Bill Murray knows that I exist was, like, part one. Part two, he wanted to speak to me. And then he mentioned something about us working together. I’m excited about that part.” So is everyone, Jen.

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Liam’s ‘Vanderpump’ obsession
While discussing how she and her co-stars interact with the Hollywood scene, Lawrence revealed she had a big impact in co-star Liam Hemsworth’s television viewing habits. “Josh, Liam and I live on our own island in a way. I don’t really feel the pressures of Hollywood. We’re just always at Liam’s house in Malibu, drinking wine and getting him hooked on reality TV. [He] loves ‘Vanderpump Rules,'” she revealed. “He texted me weeks later like, ‘Kristen and what’s his name used to date?’ I was like, ‘You’re still watching it, all right.'”

How about some obscene gestures?
And some of her best moments came when she wasn’t saying anything at all, like when Hemsworthgave an earnest and heartfelt answer to a question about how much being a part of the series has meant to him — only to have Lawrence lean over to Hutcherson and make jerking off motions with her hand, cracking him up.

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